Why I made RefR?

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About a decade ago, a strong storm brought social media into our already crazy lives and small businesses that would otherwise have been unknown names started leveraging social media to increase awareness and communicate with the target market.

How much time would it take you, as a startup entrepreneur, to curate an article that catches hold of attention within a second? Not to mention, an average person spends only a few minutes, out

Given such a scenario it becomes undeniably imperative for a business to:

  1. Curate content which would excite the temptation to read.
  2. Embellish the images with pictures that help bring out the depth of what’s in store.
  3. Use hot keywords to repurpose the posts that were otherwise unknown to people.
  4. & the most important, grow the audience over a gradual period.

As If that wasn't enough of a problem, our mind would then start yearning for channelizing that audience into revenue charts. But is that even possible?

With that View in mind, our RefR, an offering that would not only save countless hours spent in searching for content that gives the page sifting netizens a

The moment you entrust us with the responsibility of curating content for you, you give us the permission to be your Marketing Team and enable our resources to curate first-rate matter, information, that your target audience is/has been/will be interested in. Algorithms being designed by men, we hand-pick the most suitable pieces of interests, that you'd like to post on Social Media and that have been filtered by our in-house experts.

Leveraging Buffer's support, your posts are timed to perfection on all the platforms and hence receive maximum possible traction. Since the content is already refined, you can rest assure that the interested lot would definitely invest their time in it.

Third, and this is where the tool comes into play, we introduce a Lead box (impression needed) on the advertised page proposing a Call to Action.

You're probably wondering, Is that supposed to be "Efficient"?

We designed the Lead Box in a manner, such that it encompasses your Brand's Logo/Picture or any image of your choice along with

We value the time and money that you’d be putting in us, and for what it’s worth, you’d be receiving stats from us to show you the effectiveness of our approach to expand your social media footprint.    

Need we say more, think it'll be proper if we let RefR do the talking for us and eventually for You eh!


Just in case you have a suggestion or two for us to improve the entire concept, or you would want to report a bug, or you simply want to check whether we are going to reply to your messages, ping us at our email and you’ll know.

Shania Corwin

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