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Letter #6

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Happy Independence Day India 🇮🇳 Smarter version of your product | Uber UX | Better Onboarding to lesser churn | Emotional AI | Art of selling


Cultural differences are now erupting in Silicon Valley causing fractures within 👲🏻

A non-violent but chaotic situation has risen at the epicentre of technological innovation (a.k.a. Silicon Valley) and this is a war of ideological diversity.


What would your customers do with the smarter version of your product? 📲

What would you do when market trends ask you to follow a particular pattern but the customer data asks otherwise. 


How does a user grasp the value that your product can unlock for them? 🤔

Onboarding is your users' first-hand experience of your product which clashes with their preset expectations. It can make or break the lifetime value of your customers.


What happens when AI knows what and how you feel? 👻

Welcome to the age of artificial emotional intelligence, an era in which our technologies are increasingly able to read, interpret, predict, and even influence our emotions.


Nobody reporting bugs = Hell yeah! No bugs? Not true. ✂️

Discover problems before your users do, and don’t rely on them to report errors.


Built a product? Now comes the art of selling. 💰

The average time for conversion from lead to opportunity is 84 days with an average conversion rate of 13%, and out of that 13% less than 1% of total leads end up becoming actual customers. Initial traction is not easy.


The battle between the two sides of yourself ⚔️

Battles inside your own mind are the most vicious ones where you won't realise if you are winning or losing. The solution is two-fold...


Black car service to a global transportation network [Uber's UX under the miscroscope] 🚓

As Uber scaled up, the user expectations shot up and before pivoting to the international market, Uber improved the overall user experience...


A framework for combating the issues b/w Entrepreneurs and Investors 🎡

Entrepreneur brings his vision and VC brings his expertise and resources to the table but their interests might not align. VIRAL framework to bridge this gap.


Google BOT - humans lack DNA to have jobs in tech 🔬

Diversity is great but this is not the right time to work on it.


Ditch the excuse and dedicate yourself to your goals 🎯

At some point in life, you have to make a decision and choose between excuses and hustle. You have to see through and determine what is going to last in short-run or long-run. That one decision is going to decide your whole journey and the final destination.
 “I couldn’t be sure what it was capable of. I couldn’t help wondering, Was it invincible? Was my beloved game of chess over? These were human doubts and human fears — and the only thing I knew for sure was Deep Blue had no such worries at all." 

Garry Kasparov

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