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Letter #5

Tuesday, August 8, 2017
CEO loyalty checklist | The truth of unicorns | UX process | Hyperbolic Discounting | Startup metrics


Are we be fooled by over-valued horses, calling them 'Unicorns'? πŸ¦„

Experts suggest that 11 percent of unicorn startup founded after 1994 are overvalued. Startups use preferential stock to boost their valuations to more than twice.


Everything you do has to benefit somebody, but not necessarily equally. A CEO's prioritised loyalty checklist πŸ€ 

How do you balance the expectations of all the stakeholders? Do we have to trade-off at some point? Make a priority list to avoid the conflict.


$100 in a year or $120 in a year and a week. Which one would you go for? [Hyperbolic Discounting] πŸ€–

When you procrastinate, you opt for the instant gratification of enjoying yourself rather than the future reward of accomplishing the things you set out to do. Acknowledging that hyperbolic discounting exists and consciously evaluating trade-offs between now and the future will definitely help you do the right thing.


Making products with the KANO framework to get the users excited πŸ“Š

Users' perception of satisfaction changes over time. Categorise and build your feature list according to the threshold, performance and excitement.


Startup metrics to ensure long-term sustainability πŸ”’

You startup to create sustainability which does not come without growth but if you are authentic about your conviction, you should be keeping an eye on these metrics for the clarity of journey to come ahead.


[Silicon Valley Funding] Zeal that prevailed two years ago has faded now for seed-stage startups πŸ“‰

A number of reasons for the decline of seed funding in the silicon valley offered by the veteran seed investors and industry analysts. Some blame the rise of tech leviathans.


VUCA : A prominent management abbreviation with limitless validity in today's dynamic startup ecosystem. πŸ”₯

This is a VUCA world: Before venturing into a project or a Startup, you must consider the following characteristics:


What the hell is UX process? Elements and nitty-gritty of the user experience design πŸ₯

 A UX design process is something that everyone has in the UX industry, but something that everyone does differently. No matter the approach, the outcome always determine success factors of any product. 


How should startup equity be divided to avoid future? πŸ†’

Startup Equity Distribution is not a mere percentage, it involves a tremendous amount of internal financial decisions which directly impact the decision-making and execution. Here are some technical jargons to keep the present and future founders enlightened.


Bitcoin split up to Bitcoin Cash to make a real mark on how the world uses money. πŸ’Έ

Not everyone who holds bitcoin will get an instant stash of Bitcoin Cash today.


What our life would be like if we could access 20% of our brain's capacity? πŸ™ƒ

Most people think it's pretty easy to read. Why? Because they all know 26 letters of the alphabet. What if you knew 21 letters? What all could you read? A new type of thinking is essential for survival and move towards the higher level.
The reason why startups are disrupting companies in the 21st Century is not because they are smarter. It's because they have capital to do so.

Steve Blank

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