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Letter #4

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Launching on Product Hunt | Growth Machine | Seasonality of VC | Entrepreneurial lessons by Assassins | Psychology & UX


An enormous guide to launching on the hottest tech platform - Product Hunt

Getting on Product Hunt is a dream for every startup founder and nothing will go wrong with your launch if you follow this extensive how-to-launch resource by the PH team. And as they say - None of it guarantees 1,000 upvotes, news coverage, or lots of new users and traffic


Everything is getting cheaper except growth - Startups are raising and burning more money to get to traction 📈

Don’t underestimate the rising cost of distribution. Yes, everything’s getting cheaper from the growth of cloud computing, off-the-shelf SaaS, open-source code, and more granular and accessible performance marketing. But, growth is also getting tougher from channel saturation, better competitors, and consolidated winner-take-all platforms.


The holy triangle of startup: hipster, hacker, hustler The final Chutzpah Post

You need good people from the start of a startup. Here's how you do not want to start your startup.


All professional assassins share five traits that keep them alive, and those same five traits can improve your life as an entrepreneur.

The best assassins and the best entrepreneurs know that preparedness, adaptability, and responsiveness, coupled with self-preservation and someone in your corner are the keys to survival, whether you’re killing people, or killing an old way of thinking with a brand new startup.


Your Deck is not just any presentation but a chance to show how beautiful and big your dream is.

Perfect pitch deck can not only get you the right investment but right investors with the intentions aligned to your vision as well. So, here is a guide to help you create an eye-catching pitch deck.


Building an authentic-explosive growth machine

Do you want to grow authentically or achieve the type of growth that explodes out of nowhere? The playbook to To Build A Repeatable, Sustainable, & Explosive Growth Machine


It's summer in the startup land and VCs are out on the beach with 💸💸 pina coladas

Can startups raise whenever they want to? Is the fundraising seasonal? Are the VCs less likely to strike deals in the “dog days” of summer?


The Reality Of Searching For Product Market Fit and the Signals to identify 🎯
It is impossible with the ginormous amount of information available in the ecosystem, while companies really understand the “category” and the “who,” defining the problems and the motivations behind those problems are far more important. The search for market product fit is never a straight line. Instead, it happens over multiple cycles of iteration.


What can basics of cognitive psychology and Gestalt theory do to the UX Design?

Gestalt Theory comprises the principles to understand the psychological stimuli to save your UX design from turning into a fiasco.


Having a vision already puts you in an incredibly, rare group of people.

Bring it to fruition and get people excited about it - get them to fall in line but understand when you build an army, you will have an opposing force.
The best meetings I’ve had are ones where I walk out surprised — surprised by a unique, unintuitive business model, surprised by an ignored market that is absent from any investor’s prescribed “thesis”, or surprised by a founders’ odd and unconventional personal story that led to the company.
Veronica Osinski - VC, Trifecta Capital

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