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Letter #31

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
SaaS Business | Entrepreneurial Burnout | Startup Funding | User-Onboarding | Functional UX | Customer Trust-Building | YC's Series A Checklist


The shifting enterprise landscape 🌊

Unpacking the dynamics behind growth principles of enterprise products.



User onboarding is far more than tooltip tours. 🛠

The core components to create a fluid, frictionless, unified onboarding user experience.



Series A Diligence Checklist 📝

All you need to have ready once you sign a term sheet



Building trust with customers can be challenging 👥

Especially if you are trying to launch a new venture.


The average startup funding round is getting bigger. 📈

what it means and what might be happening “under the hood” in supergiant seed rounds.


90%+ startup failures involve tons of lost time, money, and viable solutions. 💊

The antidote to validate early on and avoid a really painful failure.


Duolingo has built a $700 million company—without charging users a cent. 🦉

The factors that shaped Duolingo’s growth massive growth.


The current generation of designers have spent their careers learning how to work faster and faster and faster. And while there’s certainly something to be said for speed, excessive speed tends to blur one’s purpose.
Mike Monteiro

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