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Letter #29

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
Startup Report | Venture Negotiation | Venture Capital Pitch | SaaS Growth | Evolution of UX Design | Demand Generation | Product Building


Your product needs to be desirable, feasible and viable 🎁

and your team should be able to sell it in the long-term.



Big profits, small paybacks. 😓

Should we break up big tech to ensure fair competition and healthy economic cycle?



2/3 US startups believe that 2018 will be better than last year 📋

and the call for access to talent intensifies.


If you can’t say no, your yes doesn’t mean anything. ❌

Determine if you aren’t saying no enough—and what to do about it.


To get to the unicorn status, most of the companies accepted funding with strings attached. 🦄

A study concludes that unicorns are roughly 50 percent overvalued.



You think that VC funding is for you? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Prepare to push for the trajectory of growth that a VC will expect to make the returns.


How startups should approach demand generation at different scale points 📈

and what failure looks like when they don’t.


Does Crypto represent a good investment opportunity?

or is it a pure gamble or bubble that is going to blow up?
Realise that it is part of the learning curve. It is part of the experience of going from zero to hero. It is part of the process of building something from the ground up.
‍Stephen Moore

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