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Letter #23

Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Entrepreneurial lifecycle | Startup negativity | Marshmellow productivity | Product-Market Fit framework | Design Inclusivity | Handling Startup Opinions | New Year's Resolution


How do you approach growth? 🚀

The four cycles of entrepreneurial life.


Pessimism is not an ingredient in the alchemy of building a startup. 🚧

The deep insensitivity that exists in startup industry





Handling opinions about your startup. 💬

Use your personal relationships for emotional support but not for strategic insight.


A perfect co-founder agreement. 🤝

It's a journey of countless difficult decisions.


The tomorrow has not yet arrived

where humanity and technology are synthesized and integrated into a new force. 🎈


The likelihood of buying a digital object diminishes owing to a weaker sense of control. 🛍

New tech will have to collide with the architecture of cognition, and the cognitive taxes that the mind can impose.


Motivation is garbage.

You only feel motivated to do the things that are easy.
The assumptions in a business plan are simply a series of untested hypotheses. When real results come in, the smart startups pivot or change their business model based on the results. It’s not a crisis, it’s part of the road to success.

Steve Blank

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