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Letter #13

Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Series A Estimator | UX Guide | Decision-making Auditor | Product Cognitive Overhead | Structure vs Flexibility | Human-style Digital Selling | Opportunity Checker


A SaaS funding estimator for raising Series A πŸ•Ή

Attribute your values - find out the what's possible and what should you aim for.


An extensive User Experience guide for your next project πŸ“£

Project Assessment > Competitor Assessment > User Research > Information Architecture > Interaction Design


An audit to make decisions 🎈

How to find a solution when you don't know how to?


Cognitive Simplicity vs. Cognitive Overhead πŸ€–

Does your product eliminate cognitive overhead? Is it easily comprehensible?


The micro opportunity assessment checklist 🚧

Evaluating everyday opportunities to better profitability and effectiveness.


The changed rules of Series A game 🌈

A new approach to fundraising.


A human-style digital selling πŸ›

Personal relationships are at the epicentre of digital selling for seamless customer experience.


Does your product solve your own problem? βœ‚οΈ

Would you use your own product if it was not yours?


Improve memory, be alert and rationale for decades to come πŸŽ—

How often do you bust out of your comfort zone?


Structure vs Flexibility ☒

Is your startup too stiff on goal-setting?


There are so many ups and downs as a startup. What gets me through is two things: the people I work with...and I really believe in what we are doing.

Mike Lynn

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