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Letter #12

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Startup Branding | Announcing Funding Round | Growth Spend for SaaS | Entrepreneurial Folktales | The Listening Tour | An Imperfect Product | Parametric Typography | Belief System



Leveraging your new funding round 💡

Drafting the Announcement | Securing coverage | Amplifying the news | Complying with Compliances


Misapprehended folktales in the complex entrepreneurial realm ☣

Make an informed decision about being an entrepreneur


The listening tour 🚌

A structured, time-bound process to take on critical decisions


Does your startup have a shared belief system? 🌳

Here's a framework to creating one and highlighting the opportunities that can be tackled by working together


Guess what - an err in product creation is profitable 🚧

The perceived rarity of mistakes increases a product's value.


The future of web typography 🌀

The parametric fonts will make the web even more responsive.


Estimating Sales & Marketing spend in your SaaS startup 💵

Using a bottoms-up model [Worksheet included]


The ability to change your thought and perception is a superpower. ⚡️

How open are you to experiment with new ideas, even if you don’t instinctively like them?


Creating two-way virality ✌🏻

How to create habitual dependence on your product.


You don’t need to be a visionary to have a vision. You just need to connect current technology, economic, consumer trends to future customer needs.

David Bailey

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