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Letter #10

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
Burn Rate Guide | Choosing a tech stack | Platform GTM | Funding Map | Product Fit | Feature Bloat | Investment Thesis | Funding Dynamics


Choosing a tech stack is often hard to navigate for founders

and the type of product you are building has a big influence. Basics of choosing the right stack


Platform GTM Challenges 🚧

The additional complexity of the sales process involved in the platform go-to-market


The anatomy of Investment Thesis 📚

The secret sauce of every leading investor to determine the best companies to invest in.


Burn Rate Guide ⁉️

If you are spending more to acquire a customer than the value that the new customer adds - your startup will not run far into the future.


Does your startup fit? ⚙️

Market-Product | Product-Channel | Channel-Model | Model-Market


The Funding Map 🗺

How startup funding diversifies by country.


Evolution of the Type Design 🔡

Test your landing page or uncover your MVP within hours of working.


How to avoid 'feature bloating' and save your a** from Franken-UX 🚥

Adding features to your product in the blink of an eye will eventually lead to a combines zero sense and value.


Early-stage funding dynamics ⚡️

An extensive case-study for early stage founders to understand cap tables, share structures, valuations and much more.



Love, leadership, and consistency. 🎈

It takes courage to do the right thing in the face of an overwhelming pressure.
If you have a group of people who run the same business model and have access to all the same resources — some will have incredible success, some mediocre success, and some will struggle. It's the mindset that changes the game.

‍Esther Humphrey

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