A quick look at how our curation process.

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Our content curation workflow is like finding the right seeds for our bird friends. A quick look at how our curation bond is formed.

Excellence is the continuous process and not an accident
~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Our Curation Process

A process is the difference between the occasionally outstanding and the consistently good.

P.S. - Ours is definitely the outstandingly-consistently good.

When the two birds meet

Once a user signs up, they fill up a form called "Curation Form" which prompts for the details of the users' business and their target market. This is the first time the birds interact.

We go back to the our nest

After being blessed with the users' time and patience with a completely filled Curation Form, we begin nesting "the research". It comprises clustering, creating the buyer persona, current social media activities to put ourselves in the shoes of the user and see the sky from their eyes. Also, when the skies are dark (at unfortunate times) our curation verticals and the users' business cannot do not align we make sure to not waste their time or ours, for that matter and let them know about the bad news.

We fly across to find food our new friend

This step embarks flying and our bird converted-crawler.
We go on the web using trusted sources to pick out qualitative & relevant content which aligns with the clustering, target audience interests' and business focus.

ok we found a bag full of seeds
for our friend. Good?

We have created a checklist make sure the content we have picked matches RefR’s standards (yes, we’re high on confidence). Well, as they say ~ No wise pilot, no matter how great his talent and experience, fails to use his checklist. If the curated content matches with our checklist, it is then scheduled by the Curation Managers to the users' dashboard.

the love-hate point

We have a rating system on all the content curated by us, provided that user's Review is ON. The Rating System provides us with insights on how the Client feels about the content curated by us and we try to improve ourselves according to the ratings. [Our average rating is 4.6/5, I swear]

When the two birds meet

This is the final stage when the Client takes a look at the curated content provided by us, again if the Review is ON. The Client is required to Rate and Schedule the content to their Buffer Account and eventually goes live on their social media. If the Review feature is OFF (sometimes clients trust us, hehe), the curated content is scheduled directly to their Buffer account.

Story & Design by Ayush Mittal
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