How to qualify the content to be curated?

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How to qualify the content to be curated?

People forget how fast you did a job but they remember how well you did it.
~ Howard Newton

Our Curation

~ The art of curating content
is like finding right ingredients
for a perfect content marketing mix ~

So how do we curate? Do we send crawlers to pick up content using keywords? Nope. Do we use bookmarking? Nah. Well, the technique used by us for content curation is an intense one but let me run you through the quick criteria to qualify the curation!

content relevance

This is the awareness phase. We choose relevance over quantification. The alignment of curated content with personas' interests, pain points, and the interaction score is crucial. The curation rules out all biased or really opinionated content, where applicable.

user experience

We make sure the website(s) from which we are picking out the content is aesthetically pleasing and if the content formatting is not difficult to comprehend and navigate. 

time sensitive

We keep an eye on the recency factor but then some articles are evergreen. If it adds value, its good.

content source

We filter out all the conflicting and competitive sources. While clustering the target market interests we keep together the sources of inspiration.


We don’t repeat the content that we are curating for client. Being monotonous and boring is just not our thing.


We curate content only in the English language at the moment. Also, we check for grammatical errors in the content.


We check for dead links and excessive affiliate links. The content we choose does not involve vulgar texts, bad language, misleading or offensive content.


As humans, we can interpret and connect when we "see" things, much faster than text.

What do you think?

Aanshika Bhatnagar

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